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Review of Regina Schneider

 Director of Spa Adagio, Baltimore:

Project: Interior Design of B & B Apartment 


"Martina creates spaces in a way that reflect your personal style. She asked me questions about me and how I move around in my private space. She paid close attention to what I said. The brainstorming session followed and then she went to work. I gave her a budget, went abroad and when I came back all work was done. It awed me how she worked on details and brought in a wonderful flow which reflects my way of living.

I can highly recommend her

and the body of work.

Thank you Martina and I am looking

forward to working together again."


Spa Adagio, Baltimore

Review of Carla Bravo-Wing

 Owner of "Phina's Fine Linens and Gifts", 

Federal Hill, Baltimore:

Project: Showroom Reinvention

"Some times, when you struggle for a solution  in a design project, with so many ideas, it becomes less clear how to solve the design quandry.  That's what was happening with me.  


Then in came Martina, with a clear fresh approach to the space function and design for a small cluttered retail showroom.


The end result was to focus on how to make it easy for me to layout presentations for my clients. Also how to make it easy for the clients to simply view 16  fine bedding lines, without feeling overwhelmed. 


The result was a cascading wall with spaces to tell the  story for each line. 

Thanks to your help, Martina, it is now easy to keep order in an uncluttered environment  that works for both my clients and me.  I can finally exhale"



Phina's Fine Linens, Baltimore

Review of Allison Bailey,

Realtor at AB Realty.

Staging Projects


"Martina is a talented, personable, creative and resourceful designer who I highly recommend!  When on a home staging consultation, I love her way of going through a home room by room clearly communicating her vision. She is tactfully direct with her clients about what looks great and what could be even better. She sees the potential and the possibilities for a space. Martina arrives prepared with paint colors and is highly adept at helping you to choose the colors that work best with each room. She brings the right energy and enthusiasm to every design appointment. Working with Martina is an enjoyable experience.  She brings an attuned sense of order to every project. You'll love the tangible beautiful results you'll gain as she helps your space transform. You'll love working with her, hire Martina for your home staging or interior design project today!"

Review of Jean Moyers,

Condominium Owner 

The Scarlett Place

Backsplash, Wallpaper, Paint Solutions


"When we retained Martina Lipperini to help us decorate our home, she presented an outline of what she would provide as services. She presented color options, paint samples, cost and timing. 
We are delighted with the results. She was hands on all of the time and has high energy and wonderful taste.
We highly recommend her!"

Review of Tammie Moore,

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Staging Projects


"The huge benefit that I received from working with Martina was her close attention to detail. What I loved most about working with her is the confidence that she exudes, and the ability to work under pressure. If you're looking to work with Martina, I highly recommend it!

Martina has a friendly, hands-on approach, and is extremely hardworking."

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